Why the Trump administration’s ‘fake news’ ban is so dangerous

An increasing number of the White House’s top communications officials have taken to Twitter in recent days to voice their disapproval of President Donald Trump’s sweeping ban on some news outlets and social media platforms.

In recent days, the administration has taken to a number of Twitter accounts to announce that the ban on news outlets was not going to be enforced, even as they continued to hold briefings, deliver the White Houses daily press briefings and discuss policy.

In an attempt to keep up with the onslaught, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders retweeted a tweet from White House deputy press secretary Marc Short, who said he would “fight tooth and nail to get back to the press” and to get people to follow his advice to tweet at him instead of Trump.

He also tweeted that the White houses “fake news” campaign was “baffling” and “unprecedented.”

Short also said he was “fighting tooth and nose to get us back in the public sphere.”

And White House Deputy Communications Director Sarah Sanders tweeted in response to Short’s tweet, “we’re not going anywhere.”

But Short did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Washington Post.

Short’s tweets were followed by tweets from others, including Spicer, White Houses Director of Digital Strategy Ben Rhodes and National Security Adviser Michael Anton.

The White House has long been criticized for a practice called “fake-news” that purports to report false news but often contains inaccurate information.

The practice has been criticized by some in the press and others in government for undermining the democratic process.

Twitter, which is owned by Facebook, has long said it doesn’t allow the use of fake news and has taken steps to make sure it isn’t.

In a tweet on Friday, Twitter said it was investigating “reports that some of our users reported receiving incorrect information in their feeds from a number that appeared to be associated with our company or other companies.

We are taking this matter seriously and will take further action to ensure that the information reported is accurate.”

But Twitter did not say whether it would ban accounts that were reported to be affiliated with the White house.

In the meantime, Sanders, a veteran of President Barack Obama’s White House, continued to retweet Short and others, suggesting that the Trump Administration’s ban was a result of the “fake media” campaign against the president.

She also tweeted, “Fake News.

We won’t be stopping it.”

Short, the White’s director of digital strategy, also tweeted in early July, “This is not about the press.

This is about our government and its mission to ensure the nation’s interests are represented in the digital age.”

He also suggested that the government was taking the “offensive” approach and had “a lot of work ahead of us” to prevent fake news.

And on Wednesday, Short tweeted that “fake” was a term he used to describe the news media.

He said it meant news outlets that did not support Trump or his agenda and that he had not seen any evidence that any of his Twitter followers were associated with the media.

“The term has no basis in reality, but I have seen it used to discredit our news media,” Short tweeted.

“Fake news has been used as a political weapon to silence our government.

We can stop it.”

The ban on social media also did not go into effect in early September, meaning that it is not likely to be a major issue for many of the administration’s daily briefings, which are conducted by senior aides.

In addition, it is unclear whether Short’s Twitter account was involved in disseminating fake news before or after the Whitehouse was forced to take the offensive position on Twitter in the early days of the ban.

Short did tweet on Wednesday that “We are working on this,” adding that he was confident that “we’ll be back to normal soon.”

But he did not provide a timeline for when the WhiteHouse might be back on Twitter.

He did not respond to several questions from The Post about whether he had heard from the White HOUSE press office about the ban, and he did provide a link to a White House briefing schedule.

Short also retweeted two others who said they were working on their own solutions to the ban that were shared on the WhiteHouses official Twitter account on Thursday.

Short and Sanders both used the Twitter account to promote their own social media accounts, including the official White House Instagram page.

One of those accounts, @WhiteHouseInstagram, is also a popular source for news.

Sanders also tweeted a picture of a “new and improved” Instagram page that is also owned by the White, and the caption said “Thanks for all the support and great photos.”

In another tweet, Short suggested that Instagram could be used to push back against fake news in the future.

“We know how easy it is for fake news to spread through Instagram,” Short wrote.

“Now, the new version is a great way for the government to reach people in real time without the hassle of having to build a website or set up a social media

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