When the tide goes out for national pen company it will be worth everything in the sun

Towing company tow truck operator Darrin Smith says his company is worth everything it’s been awarded in the national pen industry.

Smith says his new company, National Pen Company, is valued at $1.6 million in the NT.

“We have built a brand that has been so iconic for so many years,” he said.

“It’s been in service for a long time and has always been able to deliver on a lot of the tasks that are coming at us now.”

The NT Pen Company has been awarded a contract worth $1 million to tow vehicles to and from the Port of Alice Springs to the Northern Territory capital Darwin, and also to pick up cargo from Darwin to Alice Springs.

Mr Smith says the NT Pen company is the largest in the country, with more than 400 tow trucks in operation.

“When we go down the track, it’s a real testament to the way the NT Government has been working to support and invest in the Pen industry,” he says.

“They’ve been very proactive in supporting the Pen companies to get up and running.”

The NT government has been very, very supportive of Pen companies and their ability to go and work and make a profit.

“Mr Smith said the NT government’s support for Pen companies was one of the reasons he decided to open up his company to the NT and international markets.”

There’s an opportunity for Pen manufacturers in the world,” he explained.”

I think it’s something that people need to see, you know, the Pen is a very significant part of our national economy and national infrastructure, particularly in the north of Australia.


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