When does it stop?

Aussie car shipping company Car Shipping Australia has put out a press release claiming that it will no longer be accepting orders for cars on its website.

The company said it will instead focus on the US market, but its announcement has left many Australians wondering what happens to their car orders after that.

The news comes after Car Shipping’s Australian operations announced that it would not be able to ship cars to the US in 2019 because of the US sanctions on cars from Iran.

This comes after the company said that it had lost more than US$40 million in revenue in 2017.

Car Shipping’s press release reads: We are now focusing our efforts on the USA and hope to get your car to you as soon as possible, however we have not been able to secure a US dealer to ship to.

This means we are now only able to accept orders on the internet and will be moving to the United States for our 2017 year-end delivery dates.

We have been working hard to get this resolved, however, we are unable to make any further announcements at this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Car shipping has been the industry’s go-to delivery service for car buyers in Australia since it started operating in 2014.

Cars are typically shipped to car dealerships, but in 2018, the industry came under scrutiny after a series of scandals in which some car buyers paid exorbitant fees to car manufacturers for delivery to them.

Car dealerships were ordered to pay $12 million in penalties by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for failing to deliver cars to car buyers.

Car shipping companies, including Car Shipping, have been in Australia for a long time.

They have been around for decades and, like many other Australian businesses, they have been hit by the economic crisis and the political turmoil that has ensued.

In 2018, Australian Car Shipping said it had to shut down in 2018 because of a change in the regulations, including the requirement that car shipping drivers must be Australian citizens.

Car Shipping had also been affected by the closure of its office in New South Wales in 2019.

ABC Radio’s Today program asked Car Shipping CEO Mike Kavanagh how his company was able to survive.

He said that in 2018 it was a small company with a small staff and a small profit margin.

That was changed in 2019 to a large company with more staff and more profit margin, which allowed them to remain viable.

Kavanagh said that the biggest challenge for Car Shipping was that car dealers are “very busy”.

He said that dealerships in Australia are “in a constant state of change”.

“It’s quite difficult to keep up with the changing customer demand,” he said.

“You have a huge range of vehicles that are available and they all have different preferences and needs.

That means they want different vehicles.”

ABC News Australia understands that the new regulations that have come into effect in 2019 mean that Car Shipping cannot accept cars from customers that have a valid US visa.

It’s also been reported that Australian Car Scooters will not be shipping cars to US customers again.

Australian Car Shipping is not the only Australian business affected by US sanctions.

The United States has imposed sanctions on car sales from Iran, a country with which Australia has had business for more than a century.

Carriers have been ordered to stop selling to Iranians because the country has banned foreign car sales.

Car carriers are not allowed to sell to Iran, but there are some exceptions.

Car sales from the country are allowed to continue in Australia, but not in the US.

Iranian car dealers have also been forced to shut their Australian operations.

Some car carriers are refusing to ship vehicles to Iran and instead will take orders directly from Iran via their Australian offices.

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