When companies shut down, it’s often because they don’t have enough money to keep them going

The first sign that someone is closing a business is when they have a cash crunch.

That’s why the first thing companies need to do is put their assets to work to find ways to keep going.

That’s what happened to the online clothing company Overstock, which announced it was closing its doors on Feb. 18.

The decision came after Overstock had reported a sharp drop in revenue and stock prices.

In a letter to employees, CEO Patrick Byrne said the company had to shut down to “make room for our team.”

Byrne went on to say that Overstock was going through “a difficult time” and would be “in a very difficult position” without a strong customer base.

“We have a long-term strategy to grow, to expand, and to create jobs and to invest in new technologies,” he wrote.

“But our ability to do that depends on us having enough money, and we don’t.”

Overstock said it had raised more than $2 billion from investors including PayPal founder Peter Thiel, Andreessen Horowitz founder Peter Levin and venture capital firm Andreessen.

The company’s stock price soared to $70 in the last day of trading.

But it’s not just the big companies that need to have cash on hand.

Small businesses are often the first to go when they find that their business is shutting down.

When it comes to small businesses, companies have the choice of either having to lay off employees or raising money from angel investors.

But with a lot of startups failing, it can be difficult to find the right funding for a new business.

In a video about the closure of the startup Overstock and a recent investment in it, a young entrepreneur named Andrew Miller explains the reasons why small businesses should look into investing in themselves.

Miller has built a startup called The Machine, which allows users to buy and sell physical products like apparel and toys.

The machine is not a cash cow.

It has raised $3 million from angel funding, including from Founders Fund, which invested $1.5 million in Overstock in 2017.

Miller says he’s already seen a lot from investors, but it’s still hard to find enough to fund the company.

“It’s tough,” Miller said.

“We have $50 million in our bank account.

If you wanted to invest $5 million, it would be like going to the bank and telling them that you want to invest 10 times that.”

Miller says his company is looking for an angel investor for its next round.

Overstock has also received funding from several angel investors including former Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has been an investor in other tech companies like Snapchat and Tesla.

Miller said he wants to bring the same energy and passion that Overstore brought to the next stage of the company’s growth.

“I’m not saying it’s going to be like Overstock 2.0,” he said.

But the future of small business is still up in the air.

A recent survey by the nonprofit Small Business Innovation Research found that one in five small businesses are unable to find an investor willing to invest at a valuation of $5 to $25 million.

The survey also found that just 1.8 percent of small businesses have access to capital and a quarter of small companies have less than $100,000 in cash.

The problem, experts say, is that investing in yourself can be hard.

That means that even with funding, you might need to spend more time looking for a partner.

The solution?

Start with a business.

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