What you need to know about the two-person knife company behind the world’s largest knife store

By RICK KALMANA/Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) It’s one of the few companies in the United States with the name “two’s” in its name, and its founder is a longtime Washington lawyer.

But the two people who have run two’s since its inception in 2010 have found a lot of problems with their company’s business model.

One of them is the business of selling knives at big box stores like Target and Walmart.

In recent years, two’s has lost customers at those stores, leaving it scrambling to find new customers.

And the company has run into troubles in other parts of the country, as well, as it’s had to close stores in Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin and Ohio.

It also has struggled to find a new location to open.

Now, the company is looking for a new home, and is looking to raise money.

Two’s is in need of $300,000 to open a new store in Denver, where it currently has a two-story brick building.

The new location will allow it to keep a full-time employee while building out its business.

The Denver location will be in a building that has been vacant for decades, and the owner said it has found a location that fits the size and the style of the building.

It would also be able to add a third floor, two bathrooms and two large open kitchens.

Two s also has a new director and a new executive director who are in the process of getting their permits for a second store in that building.

The building is owned by the Colorado Economic Development Authority, and a group of developers are trying to find someone to buy the building, and it’s a big building.

Two says it would have to raise $150 million to do the deal.

Two has struggled in the past to raise enough money to open stores in the Denver area, so it is looking at other locations.

It has a store at the new Target in Denver and a store in Chicago.

The owners of the Denver location say they have been able to attract customers, and they say they’re open to expanding their business.

The company is a two person operation.

The founder is an attorney in Denver.

The co-founder is a licensed personal injury attorney in Washington state.

The two’s CEO is an assistant to the chief executive officer.

The director is the executive director.

And there is also a director of public relations.

Two’s has about a dozen employees, including one in Denver who works as an associate manager and another in Denver where the company’s sales reps meet with customers and help them plan their shopping trips.

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