UK internet companies warn of cyber attacks

A cyber attack by a group calling itself the “Russian mafia” is likely to impact UK telecommunications firms, energy companies and publicly traded companies, the Department for International Trade (DIT) has warned.

Cyber attacks are being carried out across the internet, affecting companies from big banks to energy companies, and have targeted the country’s energy supply.

The DIT is asking internet companies and their IT systems to keep a close eye on their systems.

In a message to internet users, it said: “We are seeing increasingly sophisticated attacks, targeting large corporations and large organisations such as energy companies.”

“We want you to remain vigilant, take the necessary measures, and take whatever action is required to protect yourself.” “

The Dit also said cyber attacks were being carried by an unknown number of hackers in the UK. “

We want you to remain vigilant, take the necessary measures, and take whatever action is required to protect yourself.”

The Dit also said cyber attacks were being carried by an unknown number of hackers in the UK.

It warned that it was a concern for UK telecommunications companies.

The UK has a number of big internet companies that rely on the internet to operate.

The companies rely on a network of thousands of routers and switches to send and receive information.

They have also used some of the internet’s most popular web-based services to send out emails, download music and stream movies.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said it had raised the matter with the company and the IT department.

A spokesman said: We have asked internet companies to take extra precautions to protect their users and the companies that employ them.

“These include: updating their systems to be as resilient as possible, maintaining high standards of cyber hygiene and security, and managing the cyber threat against their systems and employees.”

The Department said the attacks would likely affect UK telecommunications, energy, telecommunications and energy-related companies.

It said the cyber attacks would be concentrated on energy and gas companies.

Energy companies had reported the cyber attack in recent weeks.

DIT says cyber attacks could affect electricity supply, energy supply for public transport, gas supply and transport The UK is also facing its first-ever cyber attack, affecting UK public transport and public transport services.

It says the attack was triggered by a remote code execution flaw that allowed the attacker to steal credentials and login credentials for the system.

This meant that an attacker could use these credentials to log in to any site.

The Government has announced an online security training programme for energy companies.

Dit says the attacks could also affect the UK’s gas supply, and the UK Gas Authority is working with gas suppliers to make sure all gas lines are running smoothly.

The BBC’s Paul O’Brien in London says the cyberattack is being investigated by the DIT.

He says the energy industry needs to get a grip on cyber security.

We’ve heard this kind of stuff before.

Do you have any idea if it’s going to be a big problem?

Do you know what is going to happen to the gas supply?

Do we know if this is going on?

Paul O’drien, BBC News, London Source: BBC News

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