The ‘secret’ technology that will be used to ‘unlock’ planes

An Australian company is reportedly developing an aircraft that can ‘unplug’ planes by allowing a pilot to use their eyes to focus on specific objects.

The system uses infrared cameras to track the plane’s surroundings to help guide the plane into the correct position.

The company is building a device that can be mounted on the front of the plane, with the pilot’s eyes able to follow what the plane is looking at and how far away it is.

It’s similar to a camera that lets you focus on a specific object and automatically adjust your camera accordingly.

The technology is described in a patent application by the Australian company, Asepto Technologies, which describes a ‘multi-function device’ that can detect the ‘environment, obstacles and environment objects’, which the pilot will be able to see.

‘The pilot’s vision can be focused on objects such as objects, obstacles or other objects that are on or close to the ground,’ the patent states.

‘For example, the device may include a display on the aircraft which is capable of displaying the surroundings of an object, a map of the terrain surrounding the object and an image of the environment in a similar fashion to a digital camera.’

The pilot can then control the device by using the pilot-operated controls of the device to adjust the angle of the aircraft so that the object is focused on.’

The patent also describes the aircraft as being able to “unplug” aircraft, by removing the power source from the aircraft and replacing it with a battery pack.

This could mean that an aircraft can be removed and replaced in the event of a power failure, or a faulty component that needs to be replaced.

The patent does not reveal any specific details about the aircraft.

The Aseps tech is expected to be ready to go in the next 12 months, according to the patent.

‘We are aiming to have our first commercial aircraft in the field by mid-2018,’ the company wrote in the patent application.

‘Our initial target is to have the first aircraft on the market in 2019.’

The ASEps technology is the first to be developed by a Australian company that uses the same approach to aircraft as Boeing.

The Australian government is expected at the start of next year to announce that it will fund the development of Aseptic Aircraft.

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