The bad company that’s causing the mess

Cleaning service startup Bad Company has been banned from the Boston Market after an audit found that it failed to comply with Boston’s regulations.

The company, which was launched by Boston-based company manager Matt Zoller, was found to have failed to follow proper cleaning procedures.

The report from the Massachusetts Business and Industry Council (MBIC) found that the company did not take steps to ensure its cleaning services met state standards.

It also said that Bad Company had not taken steps to follow “best practices” in cleaning the building.

“It appears that Bad Companies management has failed to conduct a full and proper audit of its cleaning business and failed to take the necessary precautions to ensure that cleaning services are maintained and maintained in accordance with applicable Massachusetts regulations,” the MBIC said in a statement.

The MBIC also cited Bad Company’s failure to implement a “safe” cleaning protocol, as well as its failure to follow required minimums for cleaning workers.

The audit found there were two other cleaners in the cleaning department that did not meet the required minimum cleaning protocol and failed their cleanings.

“The Cleaning Service, however, failed to meet the standards of the MBICS and therefore was not subject to this audit,” the report reads.

“Therefore, the MBIS does not intend to recommend a remedy to the MBI.”

Boston’s MBIC issued a statement saying it was “proud to stand alongside the MBIA in its call for accountability for Bad Company.”

The Boston Business Journal reported that the MBFI’s investigation into Bad Company was launched after an independent audit found “that the company failed to adhere to applicable Massachusetts regulatory requirements, including those for cleaning cleaning, and that it did not do enough to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance.”

In a statement, Bad Company said it was disappointed with the MBic’s decision and is working to appeal the decision.

“We look forward to our day in court, and will continue to fight for the safety and welfare of our employees,” the company said in the statement.

In a recent blog post, Zoller acknowledged that Bad Co. has a long way to go to become a clean cleaning company.

“Cleanliness is not about the number of people cleaning the floors, or the number cleaning the walls,” he wrote.

“That is not our focus.

Our focus is on ensuring that our cleaners are trained and prepared to do the right thing, and to be held accountable for their performance.”

The MBIA, which is also a state agency, has taken steps over the past few years to ensure cleaner buildings have cleaner floors.

In September, it began a pilot program that provides clean cleaning services to the state’s three largest companies, including Boston Dynamics, General Dynamics, and Caterpillar.

Those three companies received $1.9 million in government funding to expand their cleaning services.

“This program is intended to provide a safer and more efficient cleaning environment for the businesses and the people who clean the buildings,” the statement reads.

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