How to protect your money against ‘fences, fences, fences’

The National Park Service has released guidelines that warn against building new fences and fences around the National Mall in Washington.

The guidelines were released Tuesday and say people can’t build new fences within the National Park, or inside the park.

They also advise people not to build or maintain fences around historic monuments or cultural sites.

The parks chief said the guidance comes after the Trump administration and Congress began working together on a plan to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“We are in a situation that has made the National Parks Service more vulnerable to this pandemic than we’ve ever been,” David Archambault II, acting superintendent of the National parks, said in a statement.

“Fences are the last remaining barrier to a safe and secure experience for visitors, and our parks must remain the safest places in the nation.” 

A National Park spokeswoman said the guidelines are intended to protect people’s right to enjoy the National Monument and its surroundings and to prevent people from building or maintaining fences in national monuments.

The White House and the Park Service are still working out details of the new guidelines, Archambaults statement said. 

The guidelines were part of the White House’s “Clean America” initiative, which includes building and repairing fences along the U.S.-Mexico border, and making sure people are not using the land for anything other than recreation. 

For more information about the coronivirus, check out: http:/

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