How to get a top-level spot in Italy’s top division

A lot of people want to know how to get into Serie A, and this article explains it all.

In a word: money.

There are four basic ways of getting into the top flight: firstly, buy a ticket to Turin, or, if you can’t afford to buy a season ticket, then you can make a deposit.

That will pay you €15,000, but you can use it for other things as well.

Then you have the option of joining a club, with which you will pay €5,000 and play three or four games a season.

Then you have to play a minimum of 100 games, with the final of the Champions League a possibility.

Once you have secured a contract, you have three months to pay off that money, as well as cover other costs like travel and training.

If you do not get enough money in your account within a year, you could end up paying €30,000.

As for the rest, the club will pay the rest and you will have to wait three months for a club to announce you for the first team.

The third option is to take a loan to play in Serie B, where you can pay €20,000 to play one or two games a year.

Once you have played 100 games you can then join another Serie A club for a season, with €15 or €20 million guaranteed.

It’s worth noting that the loan period is capped at 10 years, so if you get the right loan offer, you can play for a long time.

The fourth way is to join a professional club, which gives you a maximum of eight games a week, plus another 20 if you are in Serie A. In the case of a player like Alessandro Nesta, who joined Juventus in 2015, he only started nine games last season.

If you want to get in on the ground floor, there are some other clubs, such as Roma or Fiorentina, who will pay a fee of €20m.

In other words, if someone pays €20.000 to sign you, you will only get €2m.

The first two options are for people who already have a contract with a Serie A team, and so they can pay the deposit upfront, while the other option requires you to pay for a few games every year.

There is also another option, which is to sign a professional contract, which will give you a €10m signing bonus.

If that doesn’t suit you, then there are options to get even bigger bonuses, with a maximum bonus of €50m, or a €100m option.

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