How to build a Christian church that doesn’t worship in a sea of atheists

A religious leader has created a blog, “A Christian Church That Doesn’t Worship in a Sea of Atheists,” that he says offers a way for his followers to discuss issues that go beyond their faith.

“In the words of Jesus, ‘When I am on earth, the kingdom of God is at hand,'” the blog says.

“When I’m on the other side of the earth, it is not.”

The blog also features quotes from the Bible, such as Matthew 5:1-4 and Revelation 22:2, that he claims prove that the Bible is true.

The Christian Church Doesn’t worshipIn the years leading up to his death, the man known as “The Rapture Guy” posted several podcasts that included discussions of topics ranging from religion to atheism to climate change.

He had a large following online, and in the years since he’s been posting on the blog, he has been asked about his views on a range of topics.

The blog has gained attention from atheists and secularists alike, and has drawn criticism from some religious leaders who say it violates their teachings.

“The Rapturian Jesus” has not responded to Ars’ requests for comment.

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