How to avoid being ‘outgunned’ by the oil companies

The oil industry has had a lot of luck recently.

For example, in March, the oil and gas industry was awarded a $5.6 billion settlement from the U.S. government for violating federal environmental regulations.

This is good news for the Canadian oil industry.

But it doesn’t mean that the companies are immune to the dangers of climate change.

According to a recent report by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, climate change could have a dramatic impact on the oil industry in Canada, as well as the U and other countries.

The report notes that, while Canada is relatively well insulated from the impacts of climate disruption, other countries are beginning to see the impact of the problem.

“While the impact is likely to be greater for Canada, the effects of climate stress will have an impact on oil and natural gas production in Canada and in the rest of the world,” said a news release from the Canadian association.

“As a result, we urge our industry partners and the government of Canada to continue investing in their programs to minimize or mitigate the effects on the industry.”

That means ensuring that the oil that we burn is as clean as possible, and making sure that it’s produced using environmentally friendly technologies.

The oil companies will need to do their part, and their investment will help keep us safe.

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