How the UK’s next TV production boss became a ‘cult hero’ – Politics

Production company Culture Factory has announced the appointment of the former Culture Factory’s managing director as the next director of production for the broadcaster.

Culture Factory was founded in 2015 and has been working on a series of productions that have been shown on Channel 4, Sky and BBC One, which were all funded by a £25m grant from the UK government.

David Farrar will become Culture Factory UK’s new managing director, after spending five years at Culture Factory in London.

Mr Farrart is a well-known television producer who previously worked at ITV and BBC Worldwide and currently works for Culture Factory as a producer and director.

In 2016 he helped launch the award-winning programme ‘The Big Bang Theory’, a TV series based on the popular science fiction book The Big Bang.

It is the latest project in the Culture Factory range and Mr Farrarth has a strong background in production.

He was a producer on the critically acclaimed ‘Dance With Me’ series, which ran on Channel 5 and BBC World at the same time.

“I love being involved with the creative process, and I have a strong passion for science fiction and fantasy.

I am also passionate about making people laugh and having fun.

I believe we can create a much more positive and rewarding world for people,” he said.

The Culture Factory portfolio includes a series called ‘The Science of Happiness’, which is set in a dystopian world in which the technology and entertainment industries have destroyed most of the human population.

The series was filmed in London, Manchester and Liverpool, as well as New York.

The company is currently in the process of filming a TV adaptation of the bestselling novel ‘The Martian Chronicles’ by Mark Latham.

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