Good Smile Company: ‘We Are Here To Help You With Your Business Needs’

Good Smile, Inc. (NYSE:GSC), a Japanese manufacturer of consumer goods and toys, is partnering with Good Smile to bring its products to the U.S. market.

The company said in a statement on Friday that the partnership, announced today, “will help our existing customer base to expand and thrive in the rapidly evolving consumer marketplace.”

The announcement was made on Good Smile’s Twitter account, and the company is aiming to bring Good Smile goods to more than 200 retail stores across the U, Canada and Mexico, as well as the United Kingdom.

The brand said it will also work with Good Kids International to sell the new toys.

“We’re excited to bring our brand to a new level with the launch of our new line of Good Smile products, and look forward to working with our new American customer base as well,” Good Smile CEO Masaaki Okamura said in the statement.

“The partnership with Goodkids brings a unique brand opportunity to our American partners and customers.”

The Good Smile brand is a collaboration between Good Smile Inc. and Good Smile International, a Japanese corporation that has over 500 retail stores in the U and Canada.

The brands name has been synonymous with the Smile Smile brand since it was introduced in 1987.

Its most famous products include the original Good Smile Co. toy line, which launched in 1999.

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