Company names in court after company is accused of fraud

Company names are going to the courthouse in this case.

The name of the company being sued is Stewart Brands, Inc., and the name of its former chief executive, Steven Stewart, is on the cover of the next issue of The Wall Street Journal.

This comes just weeks after the New York Times reported that Stewart and Stewart Industries, a company Stewart started, had been hit with a class action lawsuit filed by a California-based labor union claiming the company cheated workers.

Stewart and the company have denied the allegations.

As we reported in February, Stewart Brands had been struggling financially in recent years, with revenues falling 30 percent in 2016.

Stewart Brands had also recently been rocked by a federal investigation into allegations of wage theft.

Last month, the U.S. Department of Labor, which is the lead agency in this matter, accused the company of employing illegal overtime, retaliating against workers and failing to pay overtime.

Steward Brands, a subsidiary of the United States-based Stewart & Bacon Foods, Inc. of Louisville, Kentucky, was fined $865,000 for its role in the labor-rights investigation, according to a report by the New England Journal of Medicine.

In the meantime, the Justice Department has issued subpoenas to Stewart Foods and Stewart Industries, according the WSJ.

Stewards name was included in a court document filed by the union seeking an injunction against the company.

Stewarts name is the only name on the front cover of The Journal, and the other names appear on the back cover of each issue.

“Stewart Companies has engaged in a series of acts that are unlawful, and thus subject to a permanent injunction,” the Justice department said in its complaint against the Stewart Companies, according with the WSJD.

On Tuesday, the company announced that it was seeking a permanent restraining order against the union, according With the help of a court-appointed attorney, the union has filed a motion for summary judgment that could allow it to recover damages.

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