A team of Canadian scientists has developed a new type of smart tire that makes it easier for you to control your car in a pinch

A group of Canadian researchers has developed the first smart tire, a system that turns the wheels on and off in the field with a single touch, without having to think about it at all.

The team of researchers at the University of Manitoba and the Canadian Tire Centre says their tire, called the Smart Tire, will allow people to control their cars in the moment without having the need to check a smartphone app or go to a garage.

The smart tire is based on a system developed by Canadian researchers at U of M and the University’s Faculty of Engineering.

The tire was tested in the fields in the US and Canada.

It uses sensors in the tire to measure pressure and temperature, and then sends this information to a laptop.

It also has a light-detecting camera to make sure that you’re not using it to spy on others.

“Smart tires will be used in the future to control vehicles, from roadways to bridges to vehicles on the roads,” said U of m Professor J.B. Clark, a tire expert who worked on the project.

“They’ll be able to automatically detect when you’re driving on the highway and automatically turn off your car if it starts to feel a bit chilly or windy.”

A team of U of Man students developed the technology to make smart tires available to the public.

(CBC News)The researchers say their tire could potentially be used by the military, the police, the military ambulance, or even by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers who are needed to control the car in the heat of the moment.

“You could have a driver in the hospital, and they can go to the vehicle,” said Chris LeBlanc, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering at the university.

“It’s a lot of people and a lot more complex than we’re used to.

It’ll be very useful for them, for us, for others.”

Clark said that because the tire uses a sensor, it’s able to measure how much the tire is overheating, and if it’s too hot.

“If it’s not doing well, the pressure sensor on the front of the tire can tell you how hot it is,” Clark said.

“If it overheats, the temperature sensor on top of the front tire can give you the indication of what’s happening.

So the tire will tell you if it needs to be heated up.”

The tire has been tested in a range of conditions, including road conditions, rain, snow, ice, sand, and even in the presence of a strong wind.

It has been able to detect heat changes at up to 80 degrees Celsius and was able to operate in a room with a wall of about 60 centimetres.

The tire can also turn the steering wheel, which makes it a great addition to your everyday driving.

“It’s been very well tested,” Clark added.

“The data was consistent with what we’d expect from a smart tire.”

The technology was tested on four different vehicles, including a BMW X3, Honda CR-V, Audi A4, and Volvo XC90.

The researchers hope that the tire could be used on vehicles ranging from luxury cars to smaller utility vehicles, but they’re not ready to make it commercially available yet.

The researchers also hope to see their tire on the streets of Winnipeg and Regina, Canada.

“We’re hoping to bring this to the cities, and to give people in Winnipeg and Saskatoon a choice of having a smart tires or not,” Clark explained.

“That’s something that we’re looking forward to.”

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