A new wave of rental companies launches online with new pricing option

In an effort to help people get the best deals on a wide range of rentals, the National Association of Realtors is launching a new online rental marketplace to help potential renters find the best rental companies.

The National Association for Realtor is a non-profit that has long pushed for fair rental pricing, especially in areas that face high rents, and the new website aims to help consumers get a better sense of what’s available and what to expect.

The online marketplace is a partnership between Realtry, a website that provides listings of real estate agents and other service providers in your area, and Realtrix, a real estate information and marketing firm that provides rental data and analysis.

The site’s main function is to help prospective renters find what they need to get an affordable rent, but it also will help consumers compare rental companies and find the perfect deal, the group said in a statement.

For instance, renters can use RealtriX to compare rental offers and find a rental company that’s offering the best deal for their needs.

Rental company listings on Realtrx range from $250 to $1,000 per month, depending on the type of rental.

Renters can search for rental companies by name, city, zip code, or type of property, as well as compare prices.

If a rental is in a better deal than the other rental options, Realtrizrs will give you a price that’s better than the rental company.

For example, a property in San Francisco might have a $1 million mortgage, but a $500,000 rental in Seattle might only offer a $350,000 loan.

The goal of the marketplace is to make it easier for people to compare rentals.

For example, if you’re looking for a place to live, you can use the marketplace to find out if it’s available in your city.

For an apartment, you could also search for the rental for that apartment, and if you found it to be in a cheaper location, you’ll be able to find the apartment at a lower price.

The company said that its goal is to expand its reach, with the site adding about 2,500 listings to the site in the next three months.

For more about the housing crisis, visit CNNMoney’s housing section.

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